SP100 Series Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Model SP100-05B-PP-SSS Diaphragm Pumps from Sotera

The SP100 Series, designed, and manufactured in the USA by Tuthill Corporation under the brand name Sotera Systems®, incorporates several key features unique to this pumping principle. The first is the patented QuikSeal® threaded ring construction. The threaded ring is designed for quick-turn access to clear ball checks and replace diaphragms. This clever design eliminates the need for multiple fasteners (bolts) on the manifolds and fluid caps reducing parts and complexity. It has the added benefit of reducing maintenance time by up to 50%. This design also reduces “pinch points” on the diaphragm resulting in longer diaphragm life.

The second is the patented, QuickFlow® air valve design. This non-centering ceramic air valve features an extremely fast trip-over, resulting in a 67% reduction in pulsation and the highest and smoothest flow in the industry (up to 17.5 gpm for the ½” model; 57 gpm for the 1” model). In many applications pulse dampeners can be eliminated making the pumping system less complex and saving money.

The third benefit is a 20% improvement in air efficiency compared to competitive pumps. Less air consumption saves money over the long run.

“I was really impressed when I tested the SP100 and saw the smooth flow of inks through the pump,” stated Bob Broomhall, Senior Technical Manager for Flint Global, a global leader in ink manufacturing. “I’m used to seeing the hoses dance around because of the pulsation. The SP100 barley moves the hose when it’s running.”

SP100 can be configured in materials compatible with a wide range of chemicals making it as versatile as it is innovative. This, along with the elimination of stalling and freezing make the SP100 the most advanced AODD pump available today.